[MLB-WIRELESS] Shaping a public AP

Fenn Bailey fenn_b at smktech.com.au
Thu Aug 17 09:25:32 EST 2006


> I need a way of throttling the bandwith to the public 
> AP but ideally still having full bandwidth available to 
> trusted users. I'm not averse to using two AP's or using both 
> radios in an AP-2000.
> I'd like a fairly painless solution.

In terms of absolute minimum hassle - I'd buy a WRT54G or equiv. Even the
standard firmware can shape each ethernet port individually (from memory)
and if it can't, one of the 3rd party ones definitely will be able to -
Someone on the list should be able to confirm this.

Just chuck your 900AP+ on one ethernet port and shape it for public, then
setup the local interface as unshaped (but secured).

That should require 0 mucking around with linux traffic shaping rules/etc
and hacking round with OS's .



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