[MLB-WIRELESS] Shaping a public AP

Tony Langdon, VK3JED vk3jed at optushome.com.au
Wed Aug 16 17:19:34 EST 2006

At 03:54 PM 8/16/2006, Michael Borthwick wrote:
>Had a customer download 4.4GB from D-Link 900AP+ in two hours last
>week so we've now blown our cap until the start of next month. I need
>a way of throttling the bandwith to the public AP but ideally still
>having full bandwidth available to trusted users. I'm not averse to
>using two AP's or using both radios in an AP-2000.
>I'd like a fairly painless solution.

I'm not sure of the MWRP that Steve is working on can do this (would 
be nice!), but there are a couple of free solutions, such as ZoneCD, 
which is based on NoCatAuth on a live Linux CD with a backend hosted 
overseas.  That system allows you to setup different groups of users 
(or even allow self registration if you like), with different daily 
download limits and bandwidth shaping.  You can also setup a walled 
garden, so sites of importance (e'g; MW site and sites on other 
wireless networks) can be reached by everyone.

73 de VK3JED

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