[MLB-WIRELESS] Question for the brainstrust

Fenn Bailey fenn_b at smktech.com.au
Thu Aug 10 09:40:02 EST 2006

Hey Lads,

Quick question for the brainstrust out there - 

I need to connect 2 desktop workstations to a .11g wireless LAN, and
performance is a key issue. That said, cost is also (always) something to
take into account.

I'm looking at what option these days is best for connecting desktops -
Ideally, I would find a .11g access point that works in client mode (so all
wirelessness is handled off the PC), but that sounds like potentially an
expensive option, when you can pick up a PCI card for $39.

That said, my experience with PCI cards has been iffy in the past, with many
of the cheap options having most of the processing handled in software, and
the performance being pretty miserable (sub .11b type performance) - and the
radios being very shoddy.

In terms of bang for buck (performance wise), do I want:
 - 1) A PCI card (Linksys, Dlink, what?)
 - 2) A USB 2.0 adapter (brand recommendations?)
 - 3) A wireless AP (Mitsubishi R100, Linksys something...?)

Recommendations/experiences welcome...



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