[MLB-WIRELESS] Directionality...

Gustaf Bjorksten foobard at gmail.com
Mon Aug 7 15:34:44 EST 2006

On 8/7/06, Tony Langdon, VK3JED <vk3jed at optushome.com.au> wrote:
> At 02:55 PM 8/7/2006, Gustaf Bjorksten wrote:
> >Yes, i think you are right. For your application UHF CB does seem to
> >be the best way to go. Unfortunately for me in my application every
> >degree will count :(
> What is your application?  (obviously not aligning wifi antennas ;) ).

Highly mobile and computerized / automated RF DF for (potentially rapidly
changing) ad-hoc networks. I can't really tell you more than that at this

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