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Mon Aug 7 12:00:33 EST 2006

On 8/7/06, Michael Nardella <michael at nardella.com.au> wrote:
> My 2c worth.
> Depending on distance.
> Short. Binos if in los.
> Long distance, compass (digital preference), then signal strength.
> And a lot of trial and error. eg,. Reflections may be stronger than direct
> signal.
> Michael VK3PS

I'm looking for a scientific approach that will minimise the trial and error

So far i'm thinking...

Antenna-based DF Ideas:
* Omni-antenna dopplar array
* Loop antenna (i suspect this won't work effectively as a DF antenna at
such high frequencies, but i need to explore this further ;)
* Directional antenna w/ search-pattern software controlled stepper motors
(all directions) rotating head and signal meter or spectrum analyzer

Secondary, bolt-to-directional-antenna DF Ideas:
* GPS and AHRS (or if not an AHRS then digital compass and digital
bi-directional inclinometer)
* Powerful laser technology?

Or some combination from all the above.

BTW, I have or am building equipment to try all the above with the exception
of the laser stuff. My research is for a different application than is the
situation proposed here, but there are many similarities in the problem

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