[MLB-WIRELESS] N type Female clamp type

John McClumpha john at incitegraphics.com.au
Wed Aug 2 21:54:17 EST 2006

Hi Simon...

a couple of places to try...

I've user rfshop.com.au in the past and delivery time is super quick and 
reasonable pricing

also found this guy on ebay:

Hope this helps :)


Simon Hall wrote:

>Hi All,
>I'm just wondering if anyone can point me int the right direction to get a 
>clamp type N-Fmale connector.  Freenet have them, but the last time I 
>checked they were going to charge $17 for delivery, which I think is a bit 
>Melbwireless mailing list
>Melbwireless at wireless.org.au


John McClumpha


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