[MLB-WIRELESS] PDA as WRT console without level shifting

David Ashburner d_ashburner at hotmail.com
Sun Apr 30 09:32:01 EST 2006

I have been using a Minitar in a box attached ot an old Galaxy antenna 
as a portable scanner. It has been working Ok but was a bit cumbersome 
to have the AP/Antenna , a big battery and a laptop to carry round. I 
remembered that the Handspring Visor had a TTL level serial port so dug 
out one I had from a few years ago and after butchering an old cable 
and installing ptelnet ( http://netpage.em.com.br ) I was able to use 
the visor as the serial console.

The visor works on a WRT serial console as well.

The neat thing is that no level shifting circuit is needed, both ends 
are  LVTTL logic.  Kind of neat if you have an old Handspring lying 

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