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> Hi All
> Has anyone been abe to add the wan port on the wrt54 as 't wis port. I
> just need the extra port and don't to daisy chain another hub/switch to
> get the extra port.
> Also anyone got a firewall rule in the openwrt to block all p2p traffic.
> Joseph
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Check http://wiki.openwrt.org/OpenWrtDocs/Configuration

On my  WRT54Gv2.0 my interfaces are as follows (default):
lo - Local Loopback
-br0 - vlan0 to eth1 Bridge
--eth0 - port to Switch
---vlan0 - Switch (LAN ports)
---vlan1 - Switch (WAN port)
--eth1 - port to Access Point (WIFI)

So it's my understanding that you'ld need to remove vlan1 from wan_ifname
and add vlan1 to br0_ifnames (To make it a part of the same bridge between

-Simon (NodeIRC)
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