[MLB-WIRELESS] Hirose MS-147 pigtail

covert covert thecovert at gmail.com
Mon Apr 3 21:56:51 EST 2006

The connector is a switching jack. The antenna on the PCB is for the
802.11aradio. The elevated sheet is switched with the jack. I have
soldering my own pigtail on. I just need to decide what is the most suitable
plug to put on the other end.

On 4/3/06, vak <vak at alphalink.com.au> wrote:
> Get your trusty soldering iron out, desolder the connector and hardwire
> a pigtail to it :) Might be cheaper than what the card is worth.
> Having a look at some photos of it, it looks like there are two
> radiating elements (antennas) - one being a PCB patch and the other
> being an elevated sheet metal patch (possibly shorted stub). If you
> cannot switch diversity off via software, you might be forced to cut the
> transmission line and short it to ground via a resistor (30-100ohms
> should be sufficient - there is no guarantee the tx line is 50 ohms).
> Here is a high res photo for anyone interested:
> http://www.mobilnews.cz/blog/files/nec_disass_motherboard_front1.jpg
> or
> http://www.mobilnews.cz/blog/?p=6
> covert covert wrote:
> > I have a NEC Warpstar Aterm WL54AG. I am trying to find a pigtail for
> > it so I can plug it up to the omni I got of TIB many many moons ago.
> >
> > The connector is a Hirose MS-147. I am led to believe some antenna
> > connectors on phones will work too with a minor modification with a
> > grinder.
> >
> > The connector on the omni is a type N.
> >
> > I am located near Frankston. Anyone able to point me in the right
> > direction or were to get one ?
> >
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