[MLB-WIRELESS] Hirose MS-147 pigtail

vak vak at alphalink.com.au
Mon Apr 3 20:43:15 EST 2006

Get your trusty soldering iron out, desolder the connector and hardwire 
a pigtail to it :) Might be cheaper than what the card is worth.

Having a look at some photos of it, it looks like there are two 
radiating elements (antennas) - one being a PCB patch and the other 
being an elevated sheet metal patch (possibly shorted stub). If you 
cannot switch diversity off via software, you might be forced to cut the 
transmission line and short it to ground via a resistor (30-100ohms 
should be sufficient - there is no guarantee the tx line is 50 ohms).

Here is a high res photo for anyone interested:  



covert covert wrote:

> I have a NEC Warpstar Aterm WL54AG. I am trying to find a pigtail for 
> it so I can plug it up to the omni I got of TIB many many moons ago.
> The connector is a Hirose MS-147. I am led to believe some antenna 
> connectors on phones will work too with a minor modification with a 
> grinder.
> The connector on the omni is a type N.
> I am located near Frankston. Anyone able to point me in the right 
> direction or were to get one ?
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