[MLB-WIRELESS] Atheros a/b/g HP W500 Cards MW Special

Peter Buncle peter at nmc.net.au
Wed Oct 26 07:29:20 EST 2005

Morning all,

If anyone has a HP notebook & wants 54g or 802.11a support
I can get the HP W500 mini pci card option kits on a great promo until
the 31/10/05

Using this exact card is almost the only option on quite a few HP's
due to FCC restrictions which have been written into the HP BIOS,
otherwise you get 104 card not supported - system halted errors as i
found out the hard way
and i'm sure a lot of people aren't aware of. (this also applies to some
ibm & toshiba models as well)

Contact me off list,


NMC Consulting Group
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