[MLB-WIRELESS] node izu, narre warren

David Ashburner d_ashburner at hotmail.com
Sun Oct 23 21:13:32 EST 2005

>I'm working on a basic "how-to" at the moment David - however didn't take 
>many photos of the process for the one on IZU - however I'm almost finished 
>the matching one for INQ and am taking photos as we go (even with the purdy 
>new LEDs on the external case ;) - will advise when it's all online.

Today I set up a link  between an AP2000 based Node and the WRT54G at my 
Node using WDS. I was kind of surprised that it worked as different vendors 
interpretation of WDS may not always be compatible.

In the WRT54G I set wl0_wds= mac address of the card in slot A, did the same 
in the AP2000, set them to the same SSID and channel and they connected.
The AP2000 is acting like a wireless bridge ( has the same address on all 
The card in slot B is running like a normal AP in BSS mode with a different 
channel and SSID.

You can also go to the bridge table and disable the BSS on card A so it is 
only a client of the remote BSS rather than a repeater.

The only problem (sort of) is that the new node has to share the IP address 
range of the old one.
It may be possible to set it to use a different address range, it looks like 
the route learning and spanning tree all happens at layer 2  - have to try 
that out as it would be a cleaner solution.

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