[MLB-WIRELESS] Website Changes for Areas

Tom Fifield gummay at gummAY.net
Fri Oct 21 02:57:21 EST 2005

Hey all,

In July 2004, the committee slightly altered the regional groups, with
the following changes:

*Merri & Darebin were to become one "North" group
*Dandenong Foothills was to be extended to encompass outlying nodes
*A new "Southeast" group was to be established due to foreseen growth in
the Berwick/Pakenham region
*The Peninsula group may be decreased in size to allow for the new
southeast group

These changes have been implemented over the past few days.

The transition should be pretty seamless (if it isn't please get me at
this address, or the team at coders at melbournewireless.org.au), and some
of you will find youselves in a brand new region ;)

IP blocks have been allocated already for the new SouthEast region, and
the North region will continue to use those blocks allocated for Merri.
If you find yourself with an IP block from another region, don't stress
-- we're not going to steal it off you :)


Tom Fifield

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