[MLB-WIRELESS] Website changes for new node creation

Peter Buncle peter at nmc.net.au
Wed Oct 19 12:42:45 EST 2005


After ongoing issues with node creation & working out your co-ordinates
on the melbourne wireless website.

I have been busy creating a new page & modifications to make this
process EASY !

**** Note : the pre-requisite is that you have javascript enabled. ***

This process is ;

1. create yourself a user id on the melbourne wireless site

2. login as that id

3. you have a few options from here ,

	a. Goto http://www.melbourne.wireless.org.au/maps/create and
click on 'map selection' to find 
         your location on the visible map. You can zoom out or in and
this map starts in the city 
         so you can follow the major roads by clicking off centre to
where you are. 

         Once you've found where you are , click on where you node is on
the map & then click 'create new node here'.

         Then fillout the other options on the create page & create at
the bottom right.


      b. Once logged in, goto maps, then goto a node near you, then
click on the 'ZOOM' option above the nodes map.
         This will then bring up the click map & once again just select
where your node is and click 'create new node here' on the right.

         Then fillout the other options on the create page & click
create at the bottom right.

The clickmap's direct link is
for those in a hurry.

This page is something i've just completed to compliment the lookup
options via the lands.gov site, which keeps changing.
It may have a few teething issues , but just let me know if you find
something wrong.


MW Webmaster

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