[MLB-WIRELESS] what's on your public wireless server?

David Ashburner d_ashburner at hotmail.com
Mon Oct 17 13:10:48 EST 2005

Good, nice and topical! anyone else got any "requirements" for a lightweight 
captive portal and Node firewall?

I checked out Steve's stuff ( for the MW captive portal authorization) on 
friday night and have made an ipkg out of it. It's the captive portal that 
is used at the monthly meetings. The packaging still needs to be tested and 
have some configuration doco written, but shoul dbe ready for people to try 
in a few days.

As part of the MWRP, I have been working on a firewall script that can be 
used to provide public access to some services. 
The next version will be a bit more parameter driven and integrate with the 
MWhotspot stuff. The aim is the Node owner can decide what services they 
want toopen upto MW members and the public.

Haven't looked at the trasffic shaping yet, need to get the first bit out 
the door.


> > Is anyone else interested in Joe Public access or are you
> > mainly into networking with known people/members?
>I am! I am and have been intending to setup a walled garden on my AP with a
>simple registration process and allow people free (but shaped) internet
>access off my connection. Considering I currently have 12Megabits pretty
>much going to waste every second, it seems only fair :)
>There'll be a simple registration process that requires some form of
>authentication, just so it's not people randomly stubling across net access
>without being aware of what it is. Access will be limited however - ie: No
>SMTP, P2P blocked, etc, etc. Probably only HTTP and POP3 and a few other
>bits and pieces (instant messangers).

Perhaps we can have the MW server provide a couple of different 
authentication pages. Members only, Members or public etc. then the 
authorization response can be used to add the user to the correct access 
group in the AP

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