[MLB-WIRELESS] what's on your public wireless server?

Fenn Bailey fenn_b at smktech.com.au
Mon Oct 17 10:05:43 EST 2005

Hey All,

> Is anyone else interested in Joe Public access or are you 
> mainly into networking with known people/members? 

I am! I am and have been intending to setup a walled garden on my AP with a
simple registration process and allow people free (but shaped) internet
access off my connection. Considering I currently have 12Megabits pretty
much going to waste every second, it seems only fair :)

There'll be a simple registration process that requires some form of
authentication, just so it's not people randomly stubling across net access
without being aware of what it is. Access will be limited however - ie: No
SMTP, P2P blocked, etc, etc. Probably only HTTP and POP3 and a few other
bits and pieces (instant messangers).

> Finally... any idea how "client-hostname" below is generated? 
> I presume this comes from the client rather than being 
> assigned by DHCP.

Correct. A DHCP client can pass a 'hostname' parameter as part of the
request, which is (occaisionally) used (ie: Optus at Home used to use it back
in the very early days). Similarly, the DHCP/BOOTP server can reply with a
'filename' parameter, which is usually used to specify a boot image or
config file (for TFTP booting/etc). See 'man dhcpd.conf' for more info.



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