[MLB-WIRELESS] what's on your public wireless server?

Rowan Crowe rowan at sensation.net.au
Sun Oct 16 11:21:35 EST 2005

I set up an old box as a wireless server a couple of months ago - more for
my own use but also with a non encrypted AP and auto DHCP assignment - and
was surprised today to find two foreign ethernet addresses sitting in
dhcpd.leases. Not bad for a standard 802.11g AP sitting on top of my

There's currently no functionality besides being able to associate and be
assigned an RFC1918 IP. It's got me thinking that it's time at least set
up httpd and put up some content on it.

So, what do others put on their publically accessable servers? I've
thought about putting up some old public domain cartoons (videos) for fun.
I'm also considering a "walled garden" where people can access a fixed
list of sites - such as microsoft.com or freebsd.org - via Squid and my
internet connection.

Is anyone else interested in Joe Public access or are you mainly into
networking with known people/members? (Knowing my luck the two foreign
associations were neighbours firing up their new Windows wireless card for
the first time, rather than wireless enthusiasts!)

Finally... any idea how "client-hostname" below is generated? I presume
this comes from the client rather than being assigned by DHCP.

lease {
  starts 0 1998/06/28 12:14:53;
  ends 0 1998/06/28 12:16:53;
  binding state free;
  hardware ethernet 00:0e:35:75:41:51;
  uid "\001\000\0165uAQ";
  client-hostname "P0004JKSA698380";
lease {
  starts 6 2005/10/01 13:28:01;
  ends 6 2005/10/01 13:30:01;
  binding state free;
  hardware ethernet 00:0e:35:54:49:8a;
  uid "\001\000\0165TI\212";
  client-hostname "your-72486d6880";


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