Peter Buncle peter at nmc.net.au
Tue Jul 26 22:07:12 EST 2005

Just a suggestion , but if your considering the WRT54G you should 
also consider the ASUS wl500g as an alternative.

(More information and links at
http://www.melbourne.wireless.org.au/wiki/?WL500G )

This unit is almost the same specs as the WRT54G but has the added bonus
of being able
to use mini-pci wireless cards - yes you can change the cards for senao
100mw radios or even 
a/b/g atheros varible tx power cards. (it comes with a broadcom mini-pci
you can then use in 
say, a laptop instead)

It also has a USB 1.1 port for a harddisk/memory key/or webcam and a
parallel port.

I've been testing these units lately and have been most impressed but
thought the 
price was a little high. Well that was until I found out that
Mitsubishi's new entry
into the wireless market included the R100, which is actually a reboxed
(it even has ASUS on the circuit board) but also comes with a 3yr
warranty (provided 
you dont open the box). Byt the way, the R100 is about 30 to 40% cheaper
that the ASUS.

I'll be doing some testing soon on the R100 to make sure it runs openwrt
the same 
as the genuine WL500G and add it to the wiki page.


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