[MLB-WIRELESS] Consumer grade AP with decent WDS

John McClumpha john at incitegraphics.com.au
Fri Jul 15 13:51:50 EST 2005

Hi Peter,

The avaya/proxim/orinoco AP2000 would do this no problems - I have some 
second hand units available however they only have 802.11B cards with 
the (a G kit is available form them though). We've been trialing them 
here for our local community LAN with WDS running between 3 of them 
seamlessly. If you don't need the extra speed of G then let me know and 
I can help you out with an immediate solution (for a low price too!)

node INQ

Peter Lieverdink wrote:

>Hi all,
>I'm wondering if any of you can give me a recommendation on which
>consumer grade AP (in the $125 range) to buy.
>I'm after an 802.11b/g solution product that can run in WDS mode, whilst
>still talking to clients.
>The idea is to use up to four of them in a large-ish venue (20mx50m), to
>provide decent coverage for up to around 20 laptops. There may be
>interference from microphones and video equipment, as well as around
>about 200-odd 80kg water filled bags ;-)  And I need them by mid next
>week, so overseas ordering is out.
>Does anyone have any experience/suggestions? Enterprise level equipment
>costing over $500 need not apply.
>- P.

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