[MLB-WIRELESS] OT - but I need help

Dean Collins Dean at collins.net.pr
Tue Jul 12 14:06:24 EST 2005

I know this is OT but I need help and I figure some of the gurus in here
probably know their way around both linux AND windows.






I have a new website application that wont run on windows, currently I
my own company domain (and a smaller private web site selected by host 
headers) on my sbs 2003 server, this new website will be hosted on a new

linux server.

I have purchased a linux server and it is now connected to my lan (cable

modem - sbs server 2003 with two nics, 1 external & 1 internal - 16 port

gigabit switch) it is accessible now from within my lan by both internal
address and web domain name (enabled using dns pointer).

I know how to set up a web site in the www root folder of sbs 2003, I
know how to redirect it to the web folder of another windows machine but
don't know how to redirect it to the web folder of a linux machine.

Currently if you go to www.newwebsite.net the internet name servers
it to the ip address of my sbs 2003 server via www.no-ip.com (which
great for my main domain (and smaller private domain) etc that are
on the server).

But this newwebsite is running on a linux server on my lan with the
internal ip 
address of

When I type in it works great,
When I type in http://linuxserverip.company.local it works great as well

And finally
When I type in www.newwebsite.net it works fine for me because my dns
to point to http://linuxserverip.company.local However if you type that
from outside my lan it fails.

How do i redirect to a linux webserver on my domain using iis 6.0 and
sbs 2003??


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