Tim Hogard thogard at knotty.abnormal.com
Sun Aug 21 15:27:22 EST 2005

> This is a good resource for learning a little bit more about the
> world of wireless...
> http://www.startawisp.com/

They cover the easy bits.  Here there is far more to it such
as a 1mb uplink in the CBD is $400/mo but when you get into the
outer areas it qucikly climbs to $2000/mo and in places
where Telstra aren't ever going to run ADSL, its at least $6,000
mo just for the tail circut.  If your in one of the areas near where
you can get DSL and Telstra finds out your doing wireless, you'll
find lots of upgrades going on real quick.

In the US you can start an WISP for about as much as buying a new car.
You can do the same here except for the carrier license and the

So far the costs i've seen for getting the carrier license is on the
order of $50,000 to $90,000 (that was when it was $10,000 so you can
knock $8k off thouse costs)

Not a bad investment when Telstra will come along and drop flyers
at your customers doors with very special offers.

Now with the Victorian school fiber grant combined with HiBIS, Telstra
will take down any WIPS they choose to anywhere in Victoria.  The
only real options for customers is in the city where there is no profit
or if you can get a signal over one of the big ridges and set up before
Telstra knows your there.

Keep in mind Telstra already has high speed backhaul to every exchange
in the country.  All they have to do is change a line card and it
goes from E1 to E3 or even faster.  With the impending sale, they
are going to be fighting hard for every bit of market share they
can get (which they willl lose once the deal is done leaving the
investors with the largest dot domb around).


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