[MLB-WIRELESS] Surge Protection

Tim Hogard thogard at knotty.abnormal.com
Fri Aug 19 18:57:57 EST 2005

> Are any of you guys running some sort of lightning protection? If so please 
> give some details!

Never have the antenna higher than the pole.  Leave at least 30 cm
of pole above the antenna.

Gound the pole to a good ground such as a water pipe or ground rod
or both.  Use at least a 2mm line and much larger if you can find
some.  If its to spec, the wire will be green and yellow (unless
its a telco which uses purple)

It depends on if your in a high risk area or not.  If your in a
high risk area, you may want a second higher pole.  If your at risk
of a major hit, you need to have a high current line from ground(s)
to the top of the pole.  On HVC and JAD I have 10mm gound lines to
good grounds.  HVA is in a hole with three taller buildings near
by so its simply floating.  

HVC does get hit from time to time.  At HVC I use a surge arrestor
that cost about $80 that is a bunch of high voltage clamps.  Others
have reported that the device works well enough to limit damage to the
ethernet transciver chips so they might have a PC or router.

Keep in mind that lightning starts on the ground and goes up but
once the current starts going other paths will be found.


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