[MLB-WIRELESS] Problems at work

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You have better leave Melbourne wireless then ;)

 I do not believe that the mere reception of someone elses signal is
illegal. If so, I could set up an AP in my house that covers your house and
that would mean that you are commiting a crime.

If you try and find only and not connect, then I do not believe that is
illegal. How are you supposed to fing out how far your own equipment
reaches? Or go looking for Melbourne wireless nodes unless you scan? If you
scan for your node and get someone elses then you know that you have
information that can help you make a better service, ie change channel, etc.

 If you find someone elses signal and you try and connect, yes I believe
that is illegal. However I still question how illegal it is in the days of
security being in every manual with every product out in the market. If
someone setups up an AP with no security at all, and give out DHCP addresses
etc, I would almost regard that as either a very stupid person or as
permission to use. Unfortunatley I think the former is more the case as
being stupid is not a crime I believe.

 However if someone has any form of security enabled, then cracking it and
connecting and using the service I believe would easily be seen as illegal
as you have taken active steps to get a connection.

 I think your customer is being stupid, almost like if you personally stop
wardriving or talking to people who do, then their network is magicly made
safe for ever.

g at z.

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Don't know if this is the right place to ask but at work I have recently
been instructed to not wardrive at all and to cease all connections with
anyone who does wardrive
Now my problem is this I do not, have not and have never encoraged people to
connect to wireless networks they don't have permission to connect to.
Apparently the reason this has gone around is that a customer has come in
and said that this is an illegal act (fairly certain that reception of radio
signals is not illegal if you do not benefit from the data) and that it is
morally wrong
Atm I am seeking legal advice but I am just wondering if anyone else has had
this issue or if there are any suggestions for it?

Kevin c.a.

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