[MLB-WIRELESS] ex-Galaxy conifer + leader: (Almost) free to good home

Hugh Campbell hc at highbrow.com.au
Fri Aug 12 10:22:36 EST 2005

I got this antenna almost 3 years ago after some doorknocking in my local 
area, and never complete the mod to make a 2.4ghz antenna out of it. I 
believe it's 18db, about 50cm on the diagonal. It is currently 
disassembled, but complete, and includes a 1m length of LMR400 with a 
female type-N on one end, ready to be soldered onto the dipole.

I'd prefer to see it in use in the MelbWireless network than languishing @ 
home until inevitably ending up in the hard-rubbish collection. If someone 
had a Windows XP compatible PCI video card to swap for this, I'd be stoked.

I may also still have a chimney mount that I collected on the same 
excursion, but I'll have to check. I live in Brunswick, in case that 
factors into your calculations.

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