[MLB-WIRELESS] New world record for wifi link (125 Miles).

David Smith dwsmith at bigpond.net.au
Fri Aug 5 00:27:23 EST 2005

I've been looking at paths around the state, and there are two longer 
paths, both running from Mt Baw Baw.

The first is a 223 km path east from Mt Baw Baw to Bald Mount / Mt Kuark 
(where?).  Bald Mount is halfway between Orbost and Cann River, about 15 
km north of the highway.  I don't know anything about Bald Mount - from 
the look of the map, it could be completely inaccessible.

The second is a 230 km path southwest from Mt Baw Baw across the water 
to Mt Sabine in the Otways.  Mt Sabine is inland from Skenes Creek near 
Tanybryn.  It looks a bit more hospitable than Bald Mount and seems to 
have a fire lookout tower.  Surrounding trees are another question.

In the same area is Mt Cowley (227 km LOS to Mt Baw Baw) where amateurs 
regularly set up for Field Days.  Again, I've never been there so have 
no idea of the suitability for microwave ops.

I'm pretty sure that both ends of the Camels Hump to Mt Buffalo path are 
clear and (reasonably) readily accessible.  Don't know about the other 
sites though.  Should we stick to that path and keep the longer ones for 
the next attempt?  Or should we go for broke?

With the pimples that we call mountains in this state, 230km looks to be 
about the longest LOS path possible.


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