[MLB-WIRELESS] New world record for wifi link (125 Miles).

Gary Winder g.winder at exemail.com.au
Wed Aug 3 21:59:14 EST 2005

Wow! Lots of people seem keen. Lots of people have equipment.

Can we formalise a plan?

Something like....


2 x big receive dishes + mounting hardware.
2 x 200 mw Senao cards (the ones with seperate RX)
2 x transmit antennas (13db)
2 x sets of cables to connect each end up
2 x laptop PCs running kismet
2 x sites more than 200 kilometers apart with a good clean freznel zone.
2 x dates. Ok, it could be one but I'm on a run of 2s. I suggest a closer
test run. Need to know it works first ;)
2 x team leaders.

Also suggest 2 x generators at each end just in case (or inverter) and as
suggested 2 x radio of some sorts.

oh, and 1 x plan.

So, anyone care to put their name against anything?

g at z.

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