[MLB-WIRELESS] New world record for wifi link (125 Miles).

Peter Buncle peter at nmc.net.au
Wed Aug 3 09:29:43 EST 2005

I'm willing to get involved and contribute too, have a 
ticket here as well.

We could just use a call sign as the ssid for the higher 
powered tests and these would probably be needed for initial alignment
anyway so it's not a completely frustrating exercise.

I'd suggest some research would definatly be needed on this one
and yes a max legal distance with diversity would be a great idea too.
Push the limits in aus for both legal and lic-required, 
but keeping the focus on non amplified would centainly be the best media

I'm imagining pics of a standard off the shelf cheap ap connected in a
diversity config 
to a massive dish and acheiving extream distance. 

(Should even be some sponsorship in there for mw as well, even 
if it's just equipment - any vendors watching this list ready to

FYI have a dormant 1.8mtr prime focus dish to get things started.

A question I have is about the actual link speed and what qualifies
for the records.
Obviously timing issues will seriously come into play in anything 
like this sort of distance.

FYI Arthurs seat if supposed to have a huge noise floor as well,
    but access is very easy to the carpark.

There's also olivers hill frankston or mt erin frankston to consider
with much lower noise.
for the southern side of some initial metro tests. 



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At 11:34 PM 8/2/2005, Josh Clarke wrote:
>Don't know if this helps, but the Telstra CDMA guys bounced their
>signals off earths stratosphere? as they were having the same troubles
>with curvature...

Usually takes a bit of power to do.  Something WiFi doesn't have...

We may have to resort to meteorology and tropospheric analysis to crack 
this nut....  Hope we get a duct at the right height on a warm summers 
evening. :)

Also, as an aside, we might want to look at having two or more DX
records - 
amateur (i.e. use the amateur service rules, so any antenna goes, maybe
power?)  amateur barefoot (any antenna, no external amplifier) and 
unlicenced (staying within the 4W EIRP power limit).

Obviously, for the amateur categories, the nodes have to carry the
of the amateur who's supervising the link at each end, and they also
to use a channel that is completely within the band 2400 - 2450 MHz.
unlicenced, no ID needed and any convenient channel can be used (I'd 
probably choose something near the middle of the band, say channel 7 for

unlicenced - might get that extra wee bit of performance).

Finally, a word on sites.  Mt Macedon has one big potential problem - a 
high noise floor.  It might be worth looking further out of town foi 
suitable sites.  The northern side of Mt Macedon (from Camels Hump) is 
likely to be quieter, and then we need a decent mountain further

73 de VK3JED

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