[MLB-WIRELESS] New world record for wifi link (125 Miles).

David Smith dwsmith at bigpond.net.au
Wed Aug 3 00:13:53 EST 2005

Mt Buffalo to Camels Hump is 202 km LOS.

And the current Aus amateur record for 2403 MHz is 1885 km ... :(

If you are going to try for a record of sorts, then it'll need to be at 
legal levels to be recognised (which I don't think the US guys were). 
Maybe that's achievable by running a BIG dish (4m) for good Rx levels 
and winding back Tx power to get legal EIRP.

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Tony Langdon, VK3JED wrote:
> At 11:34 PM 8/2/2005, Josh Clarke wrote:
>> Don't know if this helps, but the Telstra CDMA guys bounced their
>> signals off earths stratosphere? as they were having the same troubles
>> with curvature...
> Usually takes a bit of power to do.  Something WiFi doesn't have...
> We may have to resort to meteorology and tropospheric analysis to crack 
> this nut....  Hope we get a duct at the right height on a warm summers 
> evening. :)
> Also, as an aside, we might want to look at having two or more DX 
> records - amateur (i.e. use the amateur service rules, so any antenna 
> goes, maybe any power?)  amateur barefoot (any antenna, no external 
> amplifier) and unlicenced (staying within the 4W EIRP power limit).
> Obviously, for the amateur categories, the nodes have to carry the 
> callsign of the amateur who's supervising the link at each end, and they 
> also have to use a channel that is completely within the band 2400 - 
> 2450 MHz.  For unlicenced, no ID needed and any convenient channel can 
> be used (I'd probably choose something near the middle of the band, say 
> channel 7 for unlicenced - might get that extra wee bit of performance).
> Finally, a word on sites.  Mt Macedon has one big potential problem - a 
> high noise floor.  It might be worth looking further out of town foi 
> suitable sites.  The northern side of Mt Macedon (from Camels Hump) is 
> likely to be quieter, and then we need a decent mountain further north...
> 73 de VK3JED
> http://vkradio.com
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