[MLB-WIRELESS] WEP vs MAC Filter vs WEP + MAC Filter

Bryce W bryce at brycesworld.com.au
Fri Apr 22 01:46:40 EST 2005

A wardriver will usually continue on driving if you have WEP turned on, 
there are plenty of open nodes out there they can use.

To have any kind of real world security I recommend a combination of WEP 
and Mac filtering.

I believe if you just have Mac address filtering, someone could sniff 
the packets, read the source or destination mac address of the packet, 
set their cards mac address to that and have access to your network

With WEP, I believe you need to listen to at least 5,000,000 to 
10,000,000 packets (which is a few hours of good solid traffic) in order 
to break it
using software like Airsnort.

To stop a random wardriver: WEP encryption (can even be 64bit), its 
easier for them to drive another 200m and find an open node.
To stop a linux script kiddie: WEP plus Mac addy filtering
To stop most things: WPA on a 1-2 minute key rotation, with mac address 
filtering. (I read on slashdot it takes the FBI at least 3 mins to break 
WEP which is pretty amazing, but if your key changes every 2 mins or so, 
im not sure even they can get in).

                                              - Bryce

Mark Farrell wrote:

>Was just wondering about running a resonably secure network, what
>setup is the best, can i just run with mac filter, wont that stop
>anyone not in my mac list from connecting to the network or are there
>other ways to get around this. Or is just wep better approach. Or do i
>need to run both configurations at the same time to have any kind of
>secure network.
>Before you say none of these will give me a "truely secure network", i
>dont really care because this is not really what i want. What i want
>my network to be is secure enough do discourage the random
>wardriver/whatever, not protect against the most determined hacker.
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