[MLB-WIRELESS] Getting 802.11g through an apartment block

sanbar sandbar at ozemail.com.au
Tue Apr 19 12:46:42 EST 2005

Me wrote:

>Hi all,
>Does anyone know if it's possible, using high gain directional antennas to
>get a signal through an apartment block?
Oui, c'est possible, even with a cantenna or 3dBi omni. Although you 
don't know until you try.

>I'm pretty sure it's only 2 apartments wide so it's a fairly short distance
>but I assume it'd be concrete walls.
You will get signal through concrete walls. If the wall doesn't have 
much moisture in it, you should be OK for low-distance wifi.

>Otherwise, does anyone know of any black-hole technology that allows
>microwaves to go around buildings?
802.11x itself is a black art. Some stuff that doesn't work does, while 
some that should doesn't. Try reflecting the signal off an adjacent 
- Barry


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