[MLB-WIRELESS] IP Allocations

Ryan Abbenhuys sneeze at alphalink.com.au
Wed Nov 24 20:05:21 EST 2004

Hmm yes at one stage a 172.16.x.x/32 was for backbone.  Of course this
technically doesn't work as a /32 is useless and cannot route at all.  (real
brains trust came up with that one :-p)

It will be scrapped in place of a new IP allocations system which allows the
selection of a subnet size. Hence /30 for PtP links.

I'm a bit iffy on a generic config file.  For starters, a router-id is not
required to as OSPF will just choose an interface to use at the router-id if
none is specified.

They will need to change their own interface details, and their ospf
network/neighbour details.
These lines are essentially all the configs consists of anyway so they
pretty much end up creating a config file.  What we could create is a script
where they put in their interface details and it spits out the basic config
files.  In fact I think this may already exist somewhere online.

Also, be cautious with areas.  As it turns out, people may need to change
the area they are actually in as the network grows so as not to break area
0.  At this stage people should be using the area number for their region
until such time as we create an area 0 once a backbone appears.  At this
point the network will need to be juggled in these areas potentially
splitting regions into subregions purely for routing protocol purposes.

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> Hi all,
> Just wondering, is anyone on the Melbourne Wireless network using
> addresses that fall outside of the range?  I remember we
> used to have a subnet for routing addresses, and there
> seems to be a 'Backbone' address allocation which isn't being used.
> I ask because I'm putting together an OSPF config file for Quagga that
> should be generic for the whole Melbourne Wireless network and usable by
> anyone.  The only thing that should need to be edited in it is the
> hostname and router-id.
> Cheers,
> Dan
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