[MLB-WIRELESS] simple free network scanner

Winder winder at iinet.net.au
Sun Nov 14 15:06:27 EST 2004

Hey Folks,

 I was hacking about with my antenna today, I trimmed it down as it was
looking a big and stupid and the extra length was just not needed as I can't
reach up that high. Anyway, and thought while I was here I'd scan to see
what I could see apart from my normal connection to node AAF. Since AAF is
still broken I was looking to get onto FKR. I managed to connect to FKR so
all is good. Looks like I have some redundency in my choice of nodes :)

 To get to the point, I wanted a network scanner to see what nodes I could
see out on the wireless network, and not wanting to use nmap I googled and
came up with this site:


 Scroll down to the bottom to  "SoftPerfect Network Scanner FREE"

 It's really simple, free and only about 640K. I liked it and thought you
might too.

g at z.

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