[MLB-WIRELESS] Troys Wireless (& other) stuff For Sale

Troy Mitchell txm at optusnet.com.au
Sun Nov 7 13:45:42 EST 2004

Hey, As many of you know I'm heading Interstate, to lighten the load, Im
trying to offload these items before going, Let me know if you have any
questions or if you want to haggle on any of the following.

Wireless stuff:
Linksys wet11 wireless bridge			$100
Wyse 4 port AP/Router.				$110
15M Hills Telomast (unopened)			$150
24dB WiFi Modified Galaxy grid		$100
	with 15m of LDF450/conx & some mounting HW		
20dB WiFi Modified Hills Grid			$50
	unpainted and a little rusty
Superpass 8dB Omni (rebuilt)			$70
Benlec 3dB Internal roof mnt Omni		$20
Enterasys Card with soldered on pigtail	$20	(has old 6.xx firmware)
WaveBuddy 802.11b pc card (no conx)		$30

15dB Unmodified Hills Grid		(free with other purchase)
Ex PayTV Solid Sat dish Unmodified	(free with other purchase)
Assorted unfinished Cantenna Cans	free to good home

Non-wireless gear:
Laptop; Winterm brand, P150, 32Mb RAM <1Gb HDD.		$80
	Comes with PSU, spare HDD tray and nylon case
Laptop; Toshiba 470CDT. P233MMX, 64Mb RAM, >2Gb HDD	$120
	Comes with PSU, spare battery and nylon case
Digital Camera; Panasonic NV-DCF5 & base/cradle		$20
	Has broken LCD, everything else works fine.
PCs; 3x ~200/233MMX complete workstations, no OS.	$20ea
Display; Samsung SyncMaster 700s 15" monitor. EC	$30

Encyclopedia Britannica full set(24) from 1962		Anyone know if these
are collectible, and where best to get rid of em ?

That's all for now, many of you that have been to my place in Moorabbin will
know the amt of crap I hoard here, if you've got anything in mind, shoot me
an e-mail, otherwise Im on the lookout for other 'horders' to take a bunch
of half finished and dismantled items of semi-value :)
If you want to chat about anything here, send me a mail 1st and ill reply
with my mobile No.


Troy Mitchell.

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