[MLB-WIRELESS] Elections and Melbourne Wireless 2005

Troy Mitchell txrx at eridu.net
Sun Nov 7 13:39:30 EST 2004

 As many of you know from previous e-mails, we're coming up to the 
 annual elections for the MW Group. Up until a month ago, I was more 
 than happy to continue on in my role as President. Since then, I have 
 decided to relocate to QLD for many reasons which I wont go into here 
 apart from saying that parting from MW was one of the biggest hitches 
 for me to get over.

 We have currently only had 2 nominations for existing positions in the 
 committee, these are both for the 'ordinary committee member' role, 
 for which there are two positions.
 We are yet to recieve nominations for the position of President, Vice 
 President, Treasurer and Secretary and the incumbents are all choosing 
 to move on for one reason or another.
 The roles dont require a huge dedication, you need to be prepared to 
 help organise meetings, events and be a guiding force in the creation 
 of the MW Community network.

 If you feel you are suitable for either of the above positions, please 
 e-mail the committee with a brief note on the position you see 
 yourself in, and why you would be the most appropriate person for it.


 Troy Mitchell
 Melbourne Wireless
 president at wireless.org.au

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