[MLB-WIRELESS] Wholesale rates for broadband, needed urgently

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One assumption I had missed, an initial market of 1,000 users.
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Hi all,
An opportunity has arisen and I need help fast!!!
I have been researching and preparing my business plan to set up a WISP
on the outskirts of Melbourne in my spare time for a while now.
I met some investors who want in and want to view my business plan
tomorrow!!!! The issue is that I have not researched much of the ISP
side of the business in terms of contracting out the service and the
running costs of supplying the broadband. I am willing to use
guesstimates but prefer not to, the biz plan is only a 1st draft and if
the biz strategy passes the first stage than more research would
obviously be undertaken.
My cash flow projections and analysis are based on 2Mbps and businesses
at 11Mbps with an average customer download of 3gig a month.
Please I don't want any DSL prices. I'm assuming a connection right into
the backbone.
Current ISP would run the servers and routers.
If anyone has some numbers, it would be greatly appreciated. I need them
today!!! YIKES
Dawid Ostrowski
Masters in Entrepreneurship & Innovation
Business Development & Innovation Solutions

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