[MLB-WIRELESS] Radio Wave Theory

Hal Johnson haljohn02 at optusnet.com.au
Thu Nov 4 19:42:45 EST 2004

        At best, firing a 2.4 Ghz signal a a flat plane "survey marker" (as
the original message was about) from probably
not only a horizontal angle but also some angle with a vertical component
would  result in all sorts of reflected waves
being seen and probably not much of a useful signal.

        Ok well get a friend to park a trailer nearby to the Trig Station
with a more suitably sized reflector
thats tilted at a better angle, for your bounce, just to prove a point
        Then once you have it working with the large reflector - then shift
across to the marker, you never
know your luck
        Another angle (oops) to try - is if there is another hill or
building between you and the reflector
then lower your antenna so that the signal has to diffract over the first
obstacle, and then across to the
reflector - this diffraction will lift your angle of incidence to the
reflector and if you get it right, give you some signal
gain as well on the way
        I install 400Mhz radio in the Metro area of Sydney and environs and
I go for the diffraction gain - not that it
happens very often that the geometry is right - but when you do get it the
signal lift is dramatic

        Cheers and thanks for the input,


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