[MLB-WIRELESS] belated response

Hal Johnson haljohn02 at optusnet.com.au
Wed Nov 3 19:27:11 EST 2004


Just a quick tip when you are passively repeating RF by "bouncing" or
reflecting, is that the polarisation of the wave changes

Polarisation isn't talked about much in the literature and the cross polar
loss between say vertical and horizontal is approx. 26dB which is enough to

blow away your experiment if you are not aware of it - that's all

Vertcal bounced becomes Horizontal, Right Circular becomes Left Circular etc

Satellite Communicators are the most aware of with this as the source could
have any attitude of course, and the Pro's arrays usually combine polarity

I learnt when installing GHz links, as a check to confirm incident path when
received levels were down from expected

Ooops time to shut up ! - good luck with your bounce !

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