[MLB-WIRELESS] [OT] 1.5Mbit/sec DSL providers

Rowan Crowe rowan at sensation.net.au
Tue Nov 2 23:33:55 EST 2004

> i'm only on 512/128, but i'm happy with the service from isp.net.au.  no
> problems so far (switched from netspace about 2 or 3 months ago).  $88/month
> flat rate (unlimited) for 512/128.  all connections get a static IP.  even
> better, they had no problem routing my own /24 to my adsl connection (which is
> the reason i had to dump netspace - they wouldn't do it unless i switched to a
> volume-charged business plan).  run by real geeks, not by clueless suits
> cashing in on the ISP business.

That's one feature I forgot to mention. I also have a /24, for my current
ISP to route that requires upgrading to a business plan, which is about
$40/mo more. It still ends up saving me money since I can kill off the 56k
perm link I use for routing that /24. They'll also have an SLA which will
mean I get credited for those #@$*# Telstra outages (hopefully)

How does isp.net.au route the /24 - through a tunnel or another way? I
presume the 1500/256 product is on Telstra DSL?

> isp.net.au don't have a flat-rate 1500/256 plan.  they have a 30GB 1500/256
> plan with static IP for $145/month, and about 10c/meg for excess.

That's plenty. I currently use 2-3Gb per month. My main reason for wanting
flat rate is to ensure there are no surprises at the next bill, since I
don't actively monitor my usage. I still have vague plans to offer my
'excess' gigs to local people who are able to associate with my AP, at no
cost to them. It will be a fun technical project, but I'm still not sure
how well it's going to work - especially when the consumers are getting
something for free!

Thank you for the suggestion, and everyone else's so far. I'm following
them all up. :)


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