[MLB-WIRELESS] Cheap masts

Datec-Aone datec at a1.com.au
Thu Jan 29 15:54:58 EST 2004

Oatley electronics emailed this to me today, cheap? could be of interest to

These masts were made to suit a wind generator but may also be suitable as
antenna masts. The kit comes with steel cable guys already spliced and
fitted to the aluminium masthead fitting, also supplied in the kit is a
galvanised base fitting, large staples to hold the base and "U" bolts to
clamp the guy cables to length. All that is needed to complete the mast is
some common 1 1/2" (38mm) water pipe and four corner pegs: available from
most hardware stores. These are new kits in original boxes, made in the USA
by Southwest Windpower. For more information search for "AIR TOWER 27'. You
can download a manual at
About 14 available @$99Ea.

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