Dan Flett conhoolio at hotmail.com
Wed Jan 28 21:13:38 EST 2004

Sorry, I should have phrased the question better.  I was only asking
about how people set up their internal LANs with respect to routing the
internet and the wireless network.  Do people set up static routes?
(Like me), dynamic routing (a la RIP), or aliased NICs (with 10.10.x.x
and 192.168.x.x on each NIC).  Or some combination or something else

Zebra rules! Or is Frottle better? :)  Another can of worms...


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> 	The suggestion was only to use RIP for windows box's on your
> internal LAN only, not on the wireless interfaces.
> 	As you know, the adopted routing protocol for our wireless
> is OSPF.
> 	Cheers,
> 	Richard.

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