[MLB-WIRELESS] 10 year old starts new Wireless Hotspot

Ryan Abbenhuys sneeze at alphalink.com.au
Mon Jan 26 18:56:11 EST 2004

found on Whirlpool....

"Had to love this...
A kid about 10-12 years old was selling wireless access from his front
garden on the Central Coast this weekend. He had a sign out front
proclaiming his services, and in order to use you had to sit in your own car
at the front of his house - He even had that section of the road marked out
with witch's hats.
I was so impressed I went home, got the lappy and tried it out - at around
500kbps! I only stayed for 15 mins, but gave the kid an extra tenner... What
a little entrepreneur! Welcome to the modern day lemonade stand I guess. "


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