[MLB-WIRELESS] Shameless plug - embedded PC on ebay

Tom Parker tparker at netspace.net.au
Sat Jan 24 08:18:46 EST 2004


I've been kicked out of my flat, selling a few things.  First off is an embedded PC that
would make a nice node.  All questions welcome off list.


Advantech AMD K6-2/333 Industrial Micro PC

Tough, small industrial PC ideal for standalone applications like wireless networking base

    * Advantech PCN-6351 CPU Card with AMD K6-2/333 CPU (Advantech Product Brochure)
          o 10/100 Ethernet, VGA, USB, IDE, Floppy
          o Onboard compact flash socket
          o PC104 connector
    * Advantech IPC-644-80 industrial PC case (Advantech Product Page)
          o passive backplane with 1 CPU slot, 1 ISA slot and 2 PCI slots.
          o 1 x 3.5" FDD and 1 x  HDD mount


Tom Parker tparker at netspace.net.au


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