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In August last year, it was announced that Shepparton (North East
Victoria.... "The bush") would be home of a "world first" trial of Voice and
Data services over a Wireless DOCSIS network.

Out here in the Bush Telstra fsck us over at every turn. ADSL is only
available to a select few who have a decent phone line and live within reach
of an ADSL enabled Exchange. If you cant get ADSL, you can either get ISDN,
Satellite or Dialup which when you get Out of town (Which isn't hard) it's a
miracle if you connect at anything over 28Kbps.

The State Government saw the problem, and gave grant of over $1 Million to
see if the problem could be fixed. Reference.

The Grant has gone to a group of companies, who are in charge of getting the
Shepparton Community Access Network (SCAN) up and running. COMindico will be
providing the Internet access to the system. McPherson Media will be running
the project, while it's division GMTel (A local Telco) will be marketing it.
The City of Greater Shepparton (COGS) will be retaining ownership of all

SCAN will not only provide Internet Access to any person/business within a
35Km diameter of the Angus Communications Tower, but it will also provide
Voice over IP Services which promise significant cost saves on Voice
Telephoney, especially STD Calls. Pricing is going to be comparitive to ADSL
Services, while the savings the VoIP service provides will make the package
as a whole very attractive to business customers, while still being
affordable by private customers.

We had a trial service installed at work on Friday, here's a few pics.

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