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Wed Jan 14 00:33:18 EST 2004

Cheap as duck poo wireless gear for all. I like the pci prices ...
- Barry

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> From: Mike Skinner <mike.skinner at xxx.xxx.au>
> To: luv at luv.asn.au
> Subject: Re: 802.11g wireless advice
> Date: 13 Jan 2004 21:20:04 +1100
> George Georgakis wrote:
> > On 13/01/2004 at 11:44 AM Mike Skinner wrote:
> > 
> >>Then I purchased 2 Minitar (http://www.minitar.com/) 802.11b cards, one 
> >>PCI and one PCMCIA. These cost me $48 each.
> > 
> > Where did you buy those cards at that price? As with you, bandwidth isn't an
> > issue for me.
> To: /dev/null at luv.asn.au ;-)
> A friend recommended http://www.warcom.com.au/shop/browse/wireless/
> It was really easy with Warcom. Just deposited the $$$ into their bank 
> account and they were delivered. All prices in $Aus - delivery is 
> probably $9 and they should arrive within 2 working days.
> .11b PCI $48
> .11b PCMCIA $48
> .11g PCI $105 (includes funky antenna)
> .11g PCMCIA $89
> If you aren't planning on using them with Fedora/RedHat, I <i>really</i> 
> recommend that you look at the forums (http://www.minitar.com/forums/) - 
> to get an idea that they will work on your distro. Kernel 2.6.x most 
> likely will not work at this stage.
> I know that headless/X-less boxes have troubles - because the GUI 
> utility needs to be run first (to select the country/region). If you 
> plan on using them with Window$ (particularly in Ad-Hoc mode) - do not 
> install the drivers on the included CDs... email support at minitar.com and 
> ask for the beta drivers for the .11b card (or email me for them).
> I have also done a little work on the config utility for Linux:
> http://users.froggy.com.au/mike.skinner/RaConfig.htm
> Mike
> PS: I'm not affiliated with Minitar or Warcom. I'm just happy with the 
> product and the supplier.
> -
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