[MLB-WIRELESS] Revisit: SVEC <--> Dlink DWL900AP+

Adrian Lodders adrianlodders at bigpond.com
Tue Jan 13 14:49:18 EST 2004


http://members.iinet.net.au/~clark/FreeNet/svec.htm says that if the
SVEC is in client to the DWL900+ a connection should be made.
Have you tried this or is it bridge mode?

Then again can you set it up and only 10mb/s instead of 22mb/s?


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Quoting Steven Haigh <netwiz at crc.id.au>:

> Have you tried contacting DLink about it? see if they have any clues?

Have just done that,  I always thought that I would be on the phone for
but I was talking to a tech with 1 or 2 minutes!!!!!

They said that it was because of incompatibilites betwen the 2 brands
and they 
would only gaurrantee dlink to dlink links?

This maybe right it maybe wrong,  but I thought this is what "standards"
all about, 802.11b is the standard for 2.4 GHz 11Mbit/s DSSS data links,
maybe naive but if each company boasts 802.11b standard in their product
there should be little problems?  Back to the real world now.......

There are a few other things I can try............

1. Use the SVEC (later, it's not mine to risk up on the tower)

2. Put the dlink in AP mode and GMI moves to AP-Client to see if the 
   problems persist?

3. Buy my own SVEC to destroy?

4. Buy a minitar and play with a Linux bases system?

5. Get a better Laptop with USB and just use that with the pcmcia
dwl-650 card.

6. Sell the lot and play high power 2.4 GHz Amateur TV with the

Anyway,  thanks for your suggestion Steven.  I will see how it goes.



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