[MLB-WIRELESS] FOR Sale: wl200 PCI card, 21dbi antenna and about 15m of low loss cable

Callan Browne callan at internode.on.net
Sat Jan 10 15:46:25 EST 2004

Can't get enough LOS to reach where I want to, so I'm over it.


Compaq wl200 PCI card with pigtail

Some big 21dbi directional antenna, looks like the back of a fridge.
Whatever it's called.

long low loss cable. Once again don't know what it's called, but about 3dbi
loss in the entire cable. Comes with connectors on the end.


Make me an offer, I don't know what it's worth. 



Callan Browne

callanbrowne at bigpond.com.au


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