[MLB-WIRELESS] unwanted spam + legal answers?

Jamie Moir jmoir at jmcs.net.au
Sun Jan 4 12:27:00 EST 2004

On Sat, 3 Jan 2004, rick wrote:

> what department do i contact when i have had someone try to harrass me thru
> signing me up to spam sites, i have there ip and the time they where loged
> on, and they are a iinet custermer, iinet has helped a bit so far, but whats
> the next steps?

Iinet dont care about spammers on their service, they are now
telstra/optus big, so they dont have to give a stuff about their
customers, and what they do.

> is it possible to find out a username from a ip?

It is impossible without them doing it for you.


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