[MLB-WIRELESS] MelbourneWireless Router Project

Zoi Jones zoiqq at yahoo.com.au
Tue Dec 28 16:59:40 EST 2004

Where do I signup ?

Or more seriously, as an idiot, I'm happy to test the
unit/kit to make sure its idiot proof.

Happy to buy said unit etc....


 --- Dan Flett <conhoolio at hotmail.com> wrote: 
> Hi all,
> I've been jotting down my thoughts on the hardware
> and software needed
> for a prefabricated community wireless router box. 
> I've set up a
> project page here:
> I chose the FreeNetworks wiki because I believe
> something like this is
> universally interesting.  I'm going to chat to
> people from other
> wireless and FreeNet groups around the world to try
> to get them
> interested.
> A project like the one above needs to be localised
> though.  We need a
> page one the Melbourne Wireless Wiki that has some
> local specifications
> for hardware and software - each wireless group is
> going to do routing
> and authorisation differently, and hardware needs to
> be adapted to local
> climate conditions.  I haven't set up such a page
> yet, and I'm about to
> go on holidays for 2 weeks.  So have a read of the
> page above and please
> contribute your thoughts and criticisms - and create
> the MW companion
> page if you've got any locally relevant ideas.
> I'm building a box at the moment with the aim of
> making it somewhat
> mass-producible (it could be sold in kit form). 
> I've chosen the
> following hardware:
> Router:
> Linksys WRT54GS
> Cost: $150 in bulk buys.
> I am removing the PCB-mount RP-TNC connector with a
> coax crimped to it
> from the circuit board and mounting directly though
> a hole in the
> enclosure.  This reduces cost by not needing a
> separate pigtail to get
> the connector outside.  The WRT54GS' Internet (or
> WAN) Ethernet port
> will be directly connected to the AP.  Various
> software can be installed
> on the box - especially if you use OpenWRT firmware.
>  I would recommend
> selling these with OpenWRT installed as Sveasoft is
> pretty useless for
> the way I want to use the WRT54GS.  We would need a
> quick-and-easy way
> to configure the various software apps for use on
> the Melbourne Wireless
> network.  The development of such an interface for
> the MW network would
> be an ongoing project unto itself.
> AP:
> 200mW Senao 2611-CB3+Deluxe
> Cost: Approx $160 from various sources.
> The Senao AP comes with a MMCX - RP-TNC pigtail
> internal to it's plastic
> box.  I will use this pigtail and mount the RP-TNC
> through wall of the
> enclosure.
> There is one slight problem with using a WRT54G(S)
> with a Senao AP -
> they both default to IP address (!!!). 
> This is not such a
> huge problem when you plug the AP into the WRT54GS'
> Internet port
> because it is unconfigured when you set the WRT54GS
> to factory defaults.
> A custom-compiled firmware for the WRT54GS could set
> default IP address
> to a different value.
> 802.11a/b AP's prices seem to be dropping through
> the floor at the
> moment.  I wonder what's on the horizon.
> Enclosure:
> Hammond diecast-aluminium watertight box, flanged
> lid
> http://www.hammondmfg.com/dwgw_FL.htm
> Model# 1590WFFL
> Approx $38 (for 1, cheaper in bulk) from
> Supplytronics, Rowville, VIC
> Other distributors are out there...
> I'm drilling holes in the flanged bits for two
> 1/4"-thread U-bolts from
> Radio Parts.  I am using a metal case to allow
> possible heatsinking of
> the AP and Routers' heat-producing components to the
> air outside the
> enclosure.  I am mounting the AP and Router on nylon
> stand-offs "upside
> down" with their components facing the outside wall
> of the enclosure.
> Cable:
> 25 metres of General Cable outdoor 10-pair -
> connected directly into box
> via a cable gland
> und_Telephone/
> Model# E501
> Approx $1.80 per metre from Ideal Electrical
> Suppliers
> I know that 10-pair isn't rated for 100mbps
> Ethernet.  However, I have
> tested 100mbps Ethernet over 50m of 10-pair and it
> works.  The other
> pairs in the cable will be used for the AP and
> Routers' reset buttons,
> separate power feeds to the AP and Router, and
> possibly a status LED
> from the Router.  The aim is to be able to use the
> AP and Router's own
> manufacturer-supplied power-packs, to reduce cost.
> Sunshade:
> A jacket made from corrugated plastic - as suggested
> by Tim Hogard.  I
> will make a prototype from cardboard and see how
> strong it is.  I will
> fold a sheet of it - wider than the enclosure - over
> the top of the
> enclosure and leave the sides open.  The sunshade
> will also help to make
> the enclosure more waterproof and keep rain off the
> RF connectors
> underneath.
> That's basically it.
> Tell me what you think!
> Cheers,
> Dan
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