[MLB-WIRELESS] Differences between WRT54GS and WRT54G?

Rowan Crowe rowan at sensation.net.au
Fri Dec 24 23:52:19 EST 2004

What's the diff between the -GS and the -G models?

MSY (www.msy.com.au) has an AP called "MSI RG54GS Wireless 54M W/4 Ports &
Printer Server" for $125 - at a guess this could be the same as the
Linksys, and the extra "S" is for printer server?

The Linksys WRT54G (no S) goes for $125. They also have the "MSI RG54G2
Wireless 54M W/4 Ports Switch Router" for $95.

Anyone know about these MSI units?


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