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For your project - you may be interested in the shipment I just got off
the wharf today.

These cables were factory made to my specs:
- 20m
- Outdoor rated CAT5e (The jacket does not need a protective conduit)
- IP65 rated cable gland included on the cable
- RJ45 plugs wired as straight through
- 2.1mm DC power plug on one end. 2.1mm DC power socket on the other (ie
suits WRT54G, Senao APs, Minitar, ...)

They are ideal for use with APs in Enclosures.

Normally $65 incl GST, but for Melb Wireless, I can give 30% off...which
makes them:
 - $45 each incl GST

I have tested each of these with no problems over 20m CAT5e
 - Linksys WRT54GS
 - Minitar MNWAPB
 - Senao 3054


Rob Clark

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> Hi all,
> I've been jotting down my thoughts on the hardware and 
> software needed for a prefabricated community wireless router 
> box.  I've set up a project page here:
> http://wiki.freenetworks.org/index.cgi/FreeNetRouterProject
> I chose the FreeNetworks wiki because I believe something 
> like this is universally interesting.  I'm going to chat to 
> people from other wireless and FreeNet groups around the 
> world to try to get them interested.
> A project like the one above needs to be localised though.  
> We need a page one the Melbourne Wireless Wiki that has some 
> local specifications for hardware and software - each 
> wireless group is going to do routing and authorisation 
> differently, and hardware needs to be adapted to local 
> climate conditions.  I haven't set up such a page yet, and 
> I'm about to go on holidays for 2 weeks.  So have a read of 
> the page above and please contribute your thoughts and 
> criticisms - and create the MW companion page if you've got 
> any locally relevant ideas.
> I'm building a box at the moment with the aim of making it 
> somewhat mass-producible (it could be sold in kit form).  
> I've chosen the following hardware:
> Router:
> Linksys WRT54GS
> Cost: $150 in bulk buys.
> I am removing the PCB-mount RP-TNC connector with a coax 
> crimped to it from the circuit board and mounting directly 
> though a hole in the enclosure.  This reduces cost by not 
> needing a separate pigtail to get the connector outside.  The 
> WRT54GS' Internet (or WAN) Ethernet port will be directly 
> connected to the AP.  Various software can be installed on 
> the box - especially if you use OpenWRT firmware.  I would 
> recommend selling these with OpenWRT installed as Sveasoft is 
> pretty useless for the way I want to use the WRT54GS.  We 
> would need a quick-and-easy way to configure the various 
> software apps for use on the Melbourne Wireless network.  The 
> development of such an interface for the MW network would be 
> an ongoing project unto itself.
> AP:
> 200mW Senao 2611-CB3+Deluxe
> Cost: Approx $160 from various sources.
> The Senao AP comes with a MMCX - RP-TNC pigtail internal to 
> it's plastic box.  I will use this pigtail and mount the 
> RP-TNC through wall of the enclosure.
> There is one slight problem with using a WRT54G(S) with a 
> Senao AP - they both default to IP address (!!!). 
>  This is not such a huge problem when you plug the AP into 
> the WRT54GS' Internet port because it is unconfigured when 
> you set the WRT54GS to factory defaults. A custom-compiled 
> firmware for the WRT54GS could set default IP address to a 
> different value.
> 802.11a/b AP's prices seem to be dropping through the floor 
> at the moment.  I wonder what's on the horizon.
> Enclosure:
> Hammond diecast-aluminium watertight box, flanged lid 
> http://www.hammondmfg.com/dwgw_FL.htm
> Model# 1590WFFL
> Approx 
> $38 (for 1, cheaper in bulk) from Supplytronics, Rowville, 
> VIC Other distributors are out there... I'm drilling holes in 
> the flanged bits for two 1/4"-thread U-bolts from Radio 
> Parts.  I am using a metal case to allow possible heatsinking 
> of the AP and Routers' heat-producing components to the air 
> outside the enclosure.  I am mounting the AP and Router on 
> nylon stand-offs "upside down" with their components facing 
> the outside wall of the enclosure.
> Cable:
> 25 metres of General Cable outdoor 10-pair - connected 
> directly into box via a cable gland 
> http://www.generalcable.co.nz/australia/Products/Communication
Model# E501
Approx $1.80 per metre from Ideal Electrical Suppliers
I know that 10-pair isn't rated for 100mbps Ethernet.  However, I have
tested 100mbps Ethernet over 50m of 10-pair and it works.  The other
pairs in the cable will be used for the AP and Routers' reset buttons,
separate power feeds to the AP and Router, and possibly a status LED
from the Router.  The aim is to be able to use the AP and Router's own
manufacturer-supplied power-packs, to reduce cost.

A jacket made from corrugated plastic - as suggested by Tim Hogard.  I
will make a prototype from cardboard and see how strong it is.  I will
fold a sheet of it - wider than the enclosure - over the top of the
enclosure and leave the sides open.  The sunshade will also help to make
the enclosure more waterproof and keep rain off the RF connectors

That's basically it.

Tell me what you think!



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